Home Respiratory

Bay State Medical provides several options to our patients who have a need for home respiratory equipment. We have Respiratory Therapists on staff who work with patient’s physicians to guarantee our patients receive the equipment that best suits their individual needs, as well as clinical technicians who ensure all equipment is in optimal working condition.


Bay State supplies two types of oxygen delivery systems.


This set up consists of an Oxygen Concentrator and Portable Tanks. The concentrator is electrically powered and takes the oxygen that is in the air naturally and delivers it to the patient in a concentrated state. Portable tanks are compressed gas and come in several different sizes to fit patient needs. With this particular set up, the patient will have portable tanks delivered to them on an as-needed basis.


The Homefill unit is a form of Gaseous set up. Like the standard Gaseous set up, the Homefill consists of an oxygen concentrator and compressed gas tanks; however, instead of having portable tanks delivered to a patient’s home on a set schedule, the patient can actually fill their portable tanks at home by themselves through the Homefill compressor using the oxygen concentrator. Continuous flow and pulse-dose portables are available.


Bay State Medical carries in-home nebulizers that are electrically powered.

A nebulizer (sometimes referred to as an atomizer) is used to administer liquid medicine to a patient by converting it into a vaporized form which is then inhaled. The vaporized medicine can be inhaled through a tube or pipe-like mouthpiece or a standard face mask (similar to that used to administer anesthesia). Adult and pediatric mask sizes are available.

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